Before You Copy Any Image From Internet

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Here we consider whether we can copy all images from Internet. The answer is "No". We cannot copy all images from internet. But there are some images that we can definitely copy.

For example, suppose we wants to copy the Image of Earth from internet. The best way to do is just search for Earth on Google and select Image Search. Now Google would list all images of Earth from all Resources as Search Result. Here we cannot copy all images. There are priorities which can be copied.

First of all On Google Image Search, Click on Settings icon on the Right Top Corner. Now Click on Advanced Search from the Dropdownlist as shown below.

This will open Advanced Search Page. Now Navigate to Usage Rights dropdownlist. Here we can set priority for getting any type of images.

We will get following types of priorities. Free To use or share. Free To use or share, even economically. Free To use, share or modify. Free To use, share or modify, even economically.

If we wants to use the images commercially with modification, select last one. After Selecting the priority, click on Advanced Search Button. This will list all images that can be used Commercially with modification.